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Saudi Arabia

Now and for a limited period on the occasion of 10 years of progress and excellence, we offer 50% discount on all designs including villas,  

(hotels, hospitals, clinics, medical centers and all designs. Contact us or leave a message to invest in this opportunity.).

شكرا لك
​سوف يقوم احد مندوبينا بالاتصال بك

المشاريع الطبية
Architectural and structural designs and all hospital networks

We have a distinguished team specialized in designing medical projects and hospitals in quality to demonstrate the unique advantages of each project.
The company also supervises implementation to ensure management quality and accuracy according to the highest medical specifications.

Uptech Consulting Engineering offers architectural and construction design services and networks for hospitals and medical units of various sizes in all stages; from the initial designs to detailed implementation documents.

Educational Hospital Project, Bahrain

Designing an educational hospital building with a capacity of 400 bed. It consists of 11 floors and an area of 25,000 square meters per floor. It is one of the largest hospitals in Bahrain.

Project of Saif El Fayez El Fayez Specialized Hospital – Abha